Straight up: social media began as a way to connect. Over a decade later, it is how we connect; a way to transform attitudes, paradigms and social movements.

I have worked with Malorie Pastor (The Social Olive) in conjunction with two separate businesses. Malorie has always impressed with her approach to PR and marketing. She is very adept at rapidly understanding your business objectives and the state of PR/marketing play at the engagement beginning, and then building a coherent strategic plan for reaching the goals. Her techniques are very well suited for assisting teams that either completely lack PR/marketing expertise, or in augmenting teams that already have those functions represented. It has been a pleasure to work with and learn from her.

– Tim Thorsen, Head of Operations, Klixel8


adept at rapidly understanding your business objectives

Malorie is smart, and a creative thinker. She offers great new ideas and follows through with plans–attending to the small details that add up to success. As a colleague, Malorie is supportive, cooperative, and always thinking about the big picture. A treasure!

– Nan Cumming, Director of Institutional Advancement, Maine Historical Society

attending to the small details that add up to success